April 8th, 2021

do people actually try to impress each other, or do they simply wish for greatness? maybe that's where the greatness hides, in impressing others... and someone really will consider you great, regardless of what you've done. what IS greatness anyway, and what is its purpose? it provides you with a feeling of superiority over others, whilst supremacy provides you with a power. who would NOT grab a free sample of power, really? ambitions may burn in one till their death.

except that, too, is rather pointless; your own superiority outshines others, effectively rendering any and all competition boring. there, no more lust for power. why impress anyone at all, then? sooner or later, all the ambitions are fulfilled, and then all the fire, all the life in the mind dims, dies down. okkei; wait, but not everyone lives to fulfill their ambitions. some people don't give a shit about that, in fact, if not lack any ambitions at all. well, people like that seek their satisfaction in socialization, to be at least someone in the society.

what is more interesting - to socialize, or to pursue some goal? or, maybe... a combination of the two? or... nothing at all?

the funniest thing is that any of the aforementioned options eventually leads to some progress or personal growth, one way or another. the socialization can be interesting because others' thoughts are a mystery, and studying the others, especially ones differing greatly from you, is a pretty satisfying thing, expanding your knowledge of the people; fulfilling ambitions can be interesting too, since you pursue you your goal and master new stuff; /tbc