the diary and prison of the most miserable and pathetic human in the history of humanity

before your eyes lay the view of the beautifully, yet grotesquely looking prison, akin to a fortress of some sort. Bastille Saint-Antoine, perhaps, was it? who knows... oh, it looks like a tower now, huh. maybe its apperance depends on the observer?

the prison in question used to hold the person of many names. some called him meh, some Warlock_44, the rest split up into future_past14 and, at last, despair. thus, this is the mental prison of despair, once taken over by Glenn Rosenfeld for the time being.

the purpose of this imprisonment was to ensure the sanity of one desp nightee, even though it never really worked.

with all that in mind, you proceed to enter the tower. feel free to roam it as you see fit.